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Reggio Emilia India Foundation is a national organization dedicated to promoting Reggio Emilia inspired early childhood education.

Children are born innately sociable, competent, creative and curious. REIF believes in nurturing these qualities in the early year education by creating a meaningful learning environment for children.

Based on fundamental values and principles of the Reggio Emilia approach, efforts are being made to mobilize educators, parents and policy makers to play a collective role in adding substantial value to early childhood education. Quality and excellence in these early years of education is ensured through conference, networking and resource sharing.

REIF Network is our national membership network of educators and others who are inspired in their work by Reggio's approach to early childhood services and who are looking to advance quality in education creatively across India.

REIF is the official India partner with Reggio Children (Italy) and supports professionals interested in learning from the Reggio experience.