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With an objective of learning all the time through experiments and experiences , Reggio Emilia India Foundation provides you the tools and information to be an educator with global perspective.These resources help the teachers in cultivation of skills for making the most of what is learn-able but not teachable. As the Reggio Emilia approach believes in continuous professional development to be a permanent feature for an Early Child Care Educator.
01. Can any school be Reggio School ?
The Reggio Emilia is an approach of wonderful ideas and their implementation keeping the child in center , environment as the primary resource of learning and educators as facilitators. The approach doesn't provide a standardized model rather it helps us creating the appropriate learning environment.
02. The criterion to be followed by parents while choosing an Early Child Care Program ?
The first priority is to look out for a suitable early child care program in your near by locality only. REIF endorses the programs where children are valued and respected apart from their experiential learning patterns. Creating a check list of what you are looking forward to have in a early Child Care Program helps you to identify the right one.
03. How does REIF help the schools ?
REIF is open to extend support for curriculum designing , improvisation in the existing one , Professional development programs for educators, Quality audits for schools and all the other customized services pertaining to create a 21st century Pre-School.
04. What are the programs run by REIF for educators ?
REIF is happy to organize study tours to Reggio Emilia Italy for hands on experience and better understanding of the approach.We also conduct Professional Development Programs for teachers facilitated by Reggio Practitioners from Italy. The ECCEd programs with a full time one year Diploma and part time certificate modules are also open to registration now. Also the regular workshops , book review sessions and other encounters benefit the educators in a grand way.
05. How do I procure Reggio Children Books ?
You can write to us with your preferences , we will be happy to assist you.
Please feel free to connect in case of any query.
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